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Thermal Imaging for Termites

Thermal Imaging

The Problem

Termites pose a serious threat to anything that is made of wood. Termite infestation in houses or buildings means complete deterioration and damage. Thermal imaging is one major tool for detecting termite issues and thereby eliminating these creatures from your home.

Thermal imaging is based on infrared technology. The presence of termites is then detected by measuring heat at particular points. Thermal imaging termite detection is done using infrared cameras and during the process, the heat patterns are detected. Heat changes and differences in parts of the building can let us know about the presence of termites.

How can we help?

Thermal imaging is an effective way to inspect your home and can detect problems that need to be addressed before evidence can be seen.

Termites, air flow, water leaks and a host of other problems can be seen by the infrared imaging as a different colour than the normal spectrum in the room. It’s like being able to see inside your walls like an e-ray can see inside your body. Although termites are cold insects, their activity can show up as hot because of the way they digest wood, while their mud tubes and tunnels may appear dark because of moisture.

There are many reasons why thermal imaging termite detection is a good option for detection. The traditional ways for detecting a termite presence, such as tapping on the wall or drilling holes, can be damaging to the building. Not only is thermal imaging quick and effective but it also doesn’t damage the structure. There is accuracy in the results and there is a clear representation of the termite presence. With this process, termites can be found earlier, before there is extensive damage that can be costly.

The advantages of a thermal imaging system are: 

  • Non-destructiveness
  • Rapid and effective scanning of termites
  • Environment friendly
  • No chemicals or radiation used
  • The building is kept free of damage
  • Immediate and quick information on termite infestation
  • The pictures give proof of evidence and infestation
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