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Residential Pest Control

Your home is a sacred place which you share with your loved ones. But sharing it with PEST is not something anyone is comfortable with. If pests manage to get into your home, they can cause all kinds of problems, not only by damaging your home but also by putting your family at risk of illness or injury.

Getting rid of pests is often a task that homeowners are not equipped to do and still get the results they need. The best choice for a pest infestation in your home is to contact the professionals at Ezzy Pest Management Services. We offer safe, effective solutions to all your pest problems.

Our service begins with a detailed inspection of your property focusing on finding out the root of the pest issue. Through our knowledge of pest behaviours and biology, as well as the conducive conditions that attract them to your home, we will identify the potential source and help to prevent the pest becoming an infestation or the current infestation getting worse.

Because we care about your family’s health and safety, we only use eco-friendly Integrated Pest Management techniques to solve your pest problems. The chemicals we use are very low in toxicity, colourless, odourless, child & pet friendly and yet will achieve the pest elimination results you desire.

Commercial Pest Control

Your office is the next place besides your home that you spend a great deal of time in. Therefore, it is important to keep your office space free of pest that causes discomfort and fear.

Our service begins with an inspection of your office space or building. We will survey for potential pest activity and harbourage areas where they hide. We also look out for conducive conditions that might lead to a pest infestation.

Once we inspect and detect the pest problems, we will propose the most effective solution to address the pest issue. Effective solutions may include spot treatment, setting up monitoring devices, long term progressive treatments, etc.  After our initial treatment, we will give your recommendations on preventive measures or design a pro active treatment plan to keep new infestations from occurring. Our commercial pest control covers general pests and rodents. Other pest-specific services are available upon request.

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