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Drywood Termites

About Drywood Termites

Drywood Termites live in small colonies normally in a few thousands within dry wood. Unlike subterranean termites, drywood termite colonies do not have a worker caste, as the work is done by immature termites before they reach adulthood.

Drywood Termites nest in dry undecayed woods that have low moisture content which also functions as their colony site and food source. Drywood termites can chew through support beams, doors, parquet floors and wall causing expensive home repairs. Cross infestation occurs when Drywood termites form new colonies by gaining access to wood through small holes within the property.


Do call us if you notice the dropping of small-size fecal pellet, as this is the sign of Drywood Termite infestation!


A thorough visual and borescope inspection to locate sign of the infestation.

Recommended Treatment

Chemical Injection / Foaming

Liquid chemical or Foam chemical will be injected into the hole that Drywood Termite used to kick out the pellet.

Sometimes drilling of the affected wood is required to gain more access to the infested area for effective treatment.

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