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A Good Night Sleep Awaits.. Ezzy’s Bedbug Treatment Method Is Here To Help

Bed bugs are known as nocturnal blood-sucking insects which are flat and oval-shaped body. Reddish-brown in colour, their average length is between 4 to 7 mm. The most common species of bed bugs reported in Singapore is Cimex lectularius (Common Bed Bug). Bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide and body heat emitted by us.

Causes Of Bed Bug Infestation

  • Through traveling (hotels and public accommodations)
  • Through transportation (bus, train and flight)
  • Infected items brought home (second hand furniture)
  • Visitors (Day time visitor / Overnight visitor)

Bedbugs Identification

Sign Of Infestation

  • Blood speckles or blood stains (commonly on bedding and wall)
  • Scattered cast skins and eggs
  • Live adult and nymph
  • Bite sign on host
  • Pungent or musky odour

How Does Bedbugs Bite Look?

Bedbugs Life Cycle



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Our Treatment & Solution

The programme consists of inspection and treatment. In some cases, you may see live bedbugs after the treatment as they are agitated by the spray and leave their hiding places. You may also experience new bites after the 1st treatment as the remaining bed bug eggs would have hatched. Therefore, there will be a total of 2 services to your premises which are 14 days apart from each other. The objective of the 2nd session is to eliminate nymphs from newly hatched eggs.

Useful Tips To Prevent Bed Bugs

  • When possible, replace wooden headboards and bed frames with metal ones. Although bed bugs can still hide and nest in metal, they are less likely to than wood.
  •  Always carefully inspect antiques and any second-hand furniture before bringing them into your home, even if they are not upholstered.
  • Always wash and dry on high heat any second-hand clothing or, when possible, toys or other items before bringing them into your home.
  • When travelling, inspect the mattress and box spring you will be sleeping on. In addition to looking for the actual bed bugs, look for small brownish or reddish dots on the bed linens and mattresses. Therefore, most hotels use white sheets, if the hotels sheets are dark in colour, this could be a red flag.
  • When travelling, do not put your luggage on the bed, this gives bed bugs a ride right into your home.  Do not forget to inspect your luggage when you return from trips before you bring them back into your home.
  • Vacuum at least once a week, pay special attention to areas around beds and furniture posts.
  • Prevent bed bug harbourage (hiding places) by keeping all areas free of excessive storage and clutter.

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